How to set up a home bar – tips for buying products online

My husband had a brilliant idea to set up a bar at our home few days back. We love to socialise and often have friends around. Often we use the usual spots, our living room and our outside area but we have become a little bored with these options. When he first told me about his idea, I panicked a lot. He has lots of ideas like this and they don’t always turn out well. So I decided this time to get involve and offer my support. This way I might be able to avoid a repeat of his backyard pizza oven disaster. That’s a story for another time.

So after doing some quick research online, I started to gather various ideas for our new bar. There were two items in particular that I found shopping online for to be a great experience. For us, our bar had to have great bar stools and it definitely needed a record player.  I thought I’d my experience in shopping for these items here. If anyone else finds themselves in this situation they might find some useful ideas below.

Different types, designs and styles of bar stools

I decided to buy bar stools first! Bar stools are available in a variety of shapes and sizes but I soon discovered that your choice of these is important (bar stools are very different to counter stools – don’t make that mistake!).  With so much choice, I’ve put together a few tips below that will help others in this search:

buying bar stools online

  • Bar stool seats have an average height of about 30 inches.Whereas a counter stool has an average seat height of 26 inches.
  • Spacing is also another important factor when choosing the right bar stools. There should be enough space to facilitate easy movement so don’t buy too many and overcrowd your bar. The standard is about 26-30 inches between each stool.
  • Wooden and leather bar stools are well suited with darker wooden décor whereas a lighter wood is ideal for sunny outdoor settings. Don’t forget to purchase comfortable cushions if you are going for non padded wooden furniture.
  • While choosing bar stools, also look for their design and colour to match with your existing colour platte.

Vinyl record player – the perfect sound system for a cool bar

We love vinyl records so having an amazing sound system was really important for our new bar. I  was assigned the job of  researching and buying a vinyl record player. This was perhaps the best part of the whole process. I spent ages trawling through websites trying to find the perfect one to surprise my husband with. He has an old collection of records that he hasn’t played in years so he was extremely excited to get them out and play them on his new record player.

When shopping for a record player online, make sure you know what speed your collection of records play at before you start browsing. Most will be either 33, 45 or 78 and the vast majority of record players will be able to play at all three speeds but make sure you check! Another important thing to check is whether or not it has preamp. If your a newbie at this then you will want to make sure the one you buy has a preamp so you don’t have to buy one separately.

Setting up a bar at home for sure is a daunting task but with effective research and planning you can make it quite easy. Make sure you adhere to all my tips on shopping online safely and you will be fine!

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