Some important considerations when buying home decor online

I often buy homewares online and today I wanted to take you through some of the thoughts and decisions I generally go through when purchasing. In the past I have run into a number of issues when buying from online retailers and this has made me a cautious online shopper. I’ve run into issues with shipping, faulty products, incorrect payments being charged to my card – you name it, I seem to have experience it. But to be honest, despite all these issues I don’t think I would ever return to doing all of my shopping at traditional bricks and mortar stores. Online shopping is just too convenient and as technology improves and customers become more switched on to buying online, retailers have upped their game and many of these issues have reduced. In saying that though, there are a number of things you can do to mitigate potential problems and I want to show you these by taking you through a purchase I recently made for a wall clock.

I’m not the best at being on time to events so recently I decided that I needed to buy a large prominent clock for my home to help keep me on time and to help keep my friendships!  But clocks can do more than just tell the time and they have really become small pieces of art themselves these days. There are hundreds of different options, all at different price points and this where the start of my adventure as a customer begins.

Choosing the right wall clock

buying clocks onlineBuying a piece of home decor online presents us with the first issue of choice. There are numerous different retailers of clocks online and a simple search for the product yields an enormous list of results. Then there is the sheer number of products that these stores have. An online store such as Purely Wall Clocks has a massive range with categories for clocks that I didn’t even know existed! With so many choices available, the wise buyer needs to first get clear about the product that they actually want. If you don’t so this, you’ll more likely find yourself being swept away by different models, prices and options and you will lose sight of what you actually need. For me this meant considering what kind of clock I needed.

Some things I needed to consider:

  • Where will my timepiece hang? I wanted to buy a clock for bedroom as I felt that was where I generally organised myself for the day and where I get changed. Because of this location I needed to think carefully about the options available. My first thought was that I needed to know if the clock was going to tick. There would be nothing worse than buying something that was going to keep me up all night. I hate noise when I’m trying to sleep so this was a very important factor in my buying process.
  • Next I thought about the actual face and the size of numerals. This was going to be important because I actually have a very large bedroom and my bed is located a long way from where I wanted to hang my new timepiece. This meant that I had to look out for faces that had very large numerals and ones that were bold. Again this was another important factor in my product selection.
  • Next was aesthetics. You should never buy a clock, or anything that you’ll hang on your walls, without considering the colour theme of your home. If you have neutral coloured walls then buying something that is bright may work ok. For me, I needed to find a product that did not have loud colours as I have some artwork that is pretty out there and I think this would clash with another bright pierce. I also needed to consider the lighting in my room. I recently purchase an amazing lamp which throws light at the wall that I’m planning to use. This meant I wanted a clock that didn’t have a bright reflective cover.
  • Finally I needed to think about quality. It’s important that you buy a brand that is known for its quality and durability. I didn’t want to go to all this trouble only to have the things break on me in a month’s time.

Deciding on the right place to buy from

Choosing a safe site

There some important factors to consider when picking the right place to make your purchase. These are some of the aspects I considered:

  • Firstly the safety of the site that you want to buy from is crucial. You need to find out if it has an SSL certificate and you can discover this by checking their checkout page. Sites with SSL certificates have a “https” instead of http on their checkout page. You can see an example of this at Simply Cushions who are a store I purchased some new covers from recently and who had great payment security. Seeing that padlock in your browser bar gives you the confidence to go ahead with your purchase so I found a store that had all of these safety indicators.
  • Find out what their return and exchange policy is. I always do this as it safeguards you in case you purchase a product only to find that it doesn’t suit your needs. You should therefore go for those online stores whose purchase conditions allow for return and/or exchange of the item with ease. Many companies offer 30 or 60 day returns policies but always read the fine print. I found a store that had a good policy and they covered the cost of shipping the return.
  • How will your product be shipped? I wanted to know what would happen if my clock breaks on the way before reaching me. This information can again be found on the returns or exchanges area of the site but it may be an idea to look at the shipping information to see how your product will be shipped. The company I chose express shipped my order and it was fully insured all the way.

So these were my main considerations. With all of them checked IO then went ahead and purchased. Only a few days later my new wall clock arrived and boy am I impressed! I think I might ned up keeping my friends after all as I haven’t been late since its arrival! If you want more tips for buying online, be sure to check out and read this article.

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