Buying living room accessories online

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you will know that I pretty much buy everything online. A week after coming back from my holiday, I decided to really put my online shopping to the test.

We had such fun on our bar project we wanted to have another go. This time I wanted to give my living room a nice makeover. Nothing too major, but just replacing a few things here and there.  After much deliberation, I finally decided that I wanted a new side table, new cushions for the sofa and a few new lamps.


Refreshing my living room with cushions

Whilst on holidays I actually met a really charming guy named Ben from New Zealand (or NZ as he kept referring to it). He was actually an interior decorator and had an amazing life where he travelled the world to fit out people’s homes with the latest in home decor and accessories. We got talking about a lot of things; rugby, beer and my project to makeover my living room. He was really forthcoming with suggestions on how I could do this efficiently without blowing my budget. He was the one who actually put me on to using cushions to decorate with. He swore by them and said they were his secret weapon on most of his projects. He told me about the latest colours and styles to look for and even showed me how to arrange them. He also put me on to a cushions store in NZ that he always buys from because of their extensive range.  Turns out Ben had some great advice!

Now if I am honest, although I like shopping online, I prefer if I can get all the things I want at one place if possible. I knew that with my current project, this was not going to happen.

So I started out looking for cushions. Firstly, I was amazed at how many online stores just sell cushions. Secondly, I was startled by the fact that many of them do not have any forms of security in place at all. In fact, quite a few didn’t have SSL certificates, privacy or refund and exchange policies in place.

stylish cushions in turquise

Now as I have told you before in previous blogs, steer well clear of these. Although they might be legitimate online stores, there is no security measures stopping other malicious parties from getting your credit card details. I really should know better than to even click on a website I have never heard of, but I guess I was still pretty much in holiday mode.

Lesson learned! Stick with what you know! Ben’s great online store that he recommended was called Simply Cushions NZ, so I went and checked them out. They had all their security in place including the all-important SSL certificates, as well as a comprehensive return and privacy policy. Not only that but they had a variety of secure payment methods. But back to the cushions! I ended up going for a few cushion covers in a beautiful turquoise that will just compliment my sofa perfectly.

Next, it was on to the table. I didn’t want anything too boring here. A really nice place to put your cup of coffee while you read a book on the sofa. I struggled to find something elegant at first. Everything seemed far too simple and all of the tables had added storage space, something I didn’t want. What happened to all the nice looking furniture? Eventually, I found what I was looking for. coffee table with wooden top and iron legsA stunning dark wood product with fancy iron legs. There was only one left so I ordered it immediately.

Last but not least was the lamps. Those were not a problem and I quickly found three different lamp types I liked. I wasn’t going to go for all three but they were pretty cheap, so I ended up using my debit card again.

lamp on top of surfaceAs my blog is about online safety, I thought I would give you another useful tip. Punch in your credit card numbers using the calculator found on your computer. This allows you to use the mouse to click on a number instead of typing it. Then cut and paste that into the area where you credit card number needs to be placed. This eliminates typing so should you have any key-logging malware on your computer, it could not be able to record your credit card details!

Happy online shopping!

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