About Us

The Safe Network is a shopping website dedicated to helping you make the best choices when buying products online for your home and garden. Shopping online is becoming more and more common and it’s no wonder, our lives are busier than ever before and shopping from the convenience and comfort of your home can help you save time and money if done correctly. However, the traditional version of browse, touch and try before you buy no longer exists which has altered the entire decision making process.

We can no longer reply on our senses to help inform our decisions, instead our choices are based on things such as customer reviews, returns policies and the specifications process. This new process leaves room for error and it can be extremely frustrating when the items you buy don’t live up to your expectations. Having to pay for returns is often a necessary evil when we don’t pick the right items.

The Safe Network is a blog established by me, Helen Edwards. I’m a 40 something professional with 15 years experience working in the home and lifestyle niche. Over the last few years I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of people purchasing homewares online and, if America is anything to go by, this trend is going to keep increasing exponentially. Early on, I saw the benefits to shopping online and I’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting the skill of online shopping.

In this blog I’ve decided to combine my industry knowledge with my tried and testing online shopping knowledge. I am always taking on feedback and information from my readers, so please do get in touch if you have something to share with me. Each post will explore a new product and outline the important issues you need to consider when purchasing online. There will be common themes that run throughout each post, returns policy, reviews etc, but there will also be unique and specific information you need to consider for each individual item. I do hope you find it useful!